Our community supports progressive ideals and celebrates diversity. We need bold leaders to truly represent our values and keep our country moving forward.

Reproductive Choice: A woman’s right to choose is non-negotiable and we can’t stop fighting. 

Healthcare: We should defend the Affordable Care Act for now, but work toward Medicare for All to ensure access for all Americans.

Living Wage & Pay Equity: We need to increase the minimum wage now and empower workers to achieve wage growth and parity.

Gender & Sexual Orientation: We must ensure everyone has the same rights and protections irrespective of sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity or expression. 

Immigration: We should welcome immigrants and refugees and provide a path to citizenship.

Voter Suppression: We should unmask the racial motivations behind these laws and fight gerrymandering, barriers to access, and voter purging.

Criminal Justice: We need to roll back the systemic architecture of mass incarceration.

Taxes: We need to revamp the corporate and individual tax system to make the responsibility of investing in our country more equitable.

Campaign Finance: We need to combat “dark money” and offer public financing to empower the next generation of leaders.

Financial Regulation: The post-financial crisis safeguards are being decimated and we can’t let corporations privatize the gains and socialize the losses again.

Climate Change: We should invest in research and innovation to save the planet for future generations.

Net Neutrality: The open and free internet not only protects free speech, but also supports innovation and job creation.